My 11 year old son is now essentially stutter free! I was so pleased with this approach that I also attended the training in order to better serve this population.
We are grateful that we were able to use this approach.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Fiona as an extremely talented and committed speech therapist.
Fiona worked with my daughter Georgie from 2014-15, when Georgie was 5-6, to successfully treat Georgie’s stammer using the Lidcombe Program.
I feel very lucky to have found Fiona to treat Georgie. She is positive, warm, practical and imaginative. She built a strong rapport with Georgie from our very first sessions with her. When your child is stammering, it is, naturally, a very worrying time. I had been apprehensive about drawing Georgie’s attention to her stammering and how that might affect her self esteem. However, to my great relief, and thanks to Fiona, Georgie was terribly proud to be doing ‘smooth talking’ and loved her sessions from the very beginning. For Georgie they were fun. With the Lidcombe Program the therapist trains the parent to treat the child at home. Whenever I felt “stuck” with how I was delivering the treatment Fiona was upbeat and supportive, non-judgmental and creative in finding a way through that worked for us and our family circumstances and lifestyle. Her suggestions were so often clever and intuitive and showed how she “got” Georgie. I’m absolutely delighted Georgie’s stammer has resolved – but Georgie and I both miss our lovely sessions with Fiona.

Rhoda Mulholland, January 2016