fc-image-2Please find below an outline of the fees for 2018:

Stuttering Assessment
(HBF item number 320)

$80 per 30 minute session
(HBF item number 340)

$110 per 45 minute session
(HBF item number 340)

$140 per 60 minute session
(HBF item number 350)

Other assessments (including report)
(HBF Item number 330)

$280-$840 (i.e. from 2 to 6 hours of direct face to face assessment, and non-face to face follow up, analysis, interpretation, consultation and report writing)

The amount of time needed to complete an assessment for other speech and language issues, interpret the results and findings, and compile a report is dependent mainly on the complexity of the assessment and also on the participation and attention span of the child. For these reasons, a range of times and prices are given for assessments. An estimated fee will be discussed prior to the assessment session. There is a minimum of two hours ($280) allocated and charged.

Travel Costs


Additional Services

The following services incur an additional charge based on the hourly rate of $75 and will only be carried out upon your request. There is no charge for meetings between the therapist and parent(s) prior to assessment or to discuss the results of an assessment.

  • Phone based sessions as alternative to direct face to face therapy sessions
  • Case review meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Liaison with medical practitioners
  • Home program development and preparation
  • Formal progress reports
  • Reports/statements for insurance
  • Other individual requests


Telehealth Therapy Services

It is possible to deliver the Lidcombe Program via telephone/email/Skype/FaceTime.
Telehealth treatment saves travel time and costs and allows access to therapy anywhere in the country.

Research has shown that this remote way of delivering therapy is very effective for the Lidcombe Program.

The fee structure for this service is the same per hour rate as face to face therapy sessions.

Free Advice about Early Stuttering

Fiona welcomes general enquiries about early stuttering. If you are concerned about your child’s stutter, feel free to email or call for some general information and advice, for no charge and no obligation to book an appointment.