After being in the UK and the Netherlands for the past 19 years, I am returning to Perth in Western Australia on 1st December 2015. What started out in 1997 as a working holiday for 1-2 years, turned into quite the journey. I met a wonderful man, Keith Curtis, and we married in 2000. We have two fantastic children, Cameron and Caitlin. To top it off, we have made some awesome new friends from all over the world and we have been so lucky to have travelled to many memorable places.

On the work front, I have been inspired by amazing and dedicated colleagues in the NHS, in private practice and in the voluntary sector. Thank you to everyone that has helped make me a better therapist, colleague and person.

I would also like to thank all my wonderful clients who have helped me as much as I have hopefully helped them – on our Lidcombe Program Journeys to smooth speech! Please keep in touch in the future and keep me posted about your progress. I will continue to offer treatment via telehealth (Skype, FaceTime, email, phone etc) so ongoing support is possible.

I look forward to welcoming and helping new clients in Perth from January 2016.