Lidcombe Program Basics – Therapy ideas are demonstrated

Ok, so we finally get to the component where the clinician is working directly with the child. Even then… this should be a three way activity with the parent joining in and gradually taking over from the clinician. This allows the clinician to evaluate the viability of, and any issues with, the parent doing the […]

With the roll of the dice…

Dice are a really neat way of incorporating massed practice and improving output and productivity in Talking Practice in the Lidcombe Program (and in speech sounds therapy too). Dice add a playful and competitive vibe to what can otherwise be a bit of a dull talking task. Large chunky foam dice are less likely to […]

Lidcombe Program Talking Practice Ideas – Card Games

It’s Therapy Thursday again… Early on in the Lidcombe Program, once the parent and child are doing well with picture books, I usually introduce simple, structured card games. The aim of varying the activities in talking practice sessions is to start to emulate the idea of generalisation.  That is, the child practices stutter free speech in […]