With the roll of the dice…

Dice are a really neat way of incorporating massed practice and improving output and productivity in Talking Practice in the Lidcombe Program (and in speech sounds therapy too).

Dice add a playful and competitive vibe to what can otherwise be a bit of a dull talking task.

Large chunky foam dice are less likely to get lost and are not choking hazards. I also like to use a dice container and you can easily make one of your own using a see-through container.

Here’s a few ways to use dice.

Roll the dice and the number that you get, tells you how many…

…cards to turn over and talk about or make up a story about

…toys or objects to pull out of a surprise bag – these can be named, described, joined together to form a long sentence or a little story.

…how many pages to turn and chat about

…how many things to spy through a tube

…how many places to jump before choosing a card or object to name or chat about.

Happy, smooth talking!