Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide

This guide is available on the Australian Stuttering Research Centre:

This document is great for both parents and clinicians. The guide helps ensure that the therapy is delivered correctly. Parents can check if their child is indeed receiving the Lidcombe Program and not a ‘mish mash’ of approaches. Clinicians can refer to the guide also as a quick reference. Parents should also ask if their clinician is Consortia Trained to ensure that the program is more likely to be delivered as intended.

One change that has taken place in the past year is the rating scale which now ranges from 0-9.

0 refers to: no stuttering

1 refers to: extremely mild stuttering

9 refers to: extremely severe stuttering.

All my new clients for 2016 will use this new scale. Existing clients will continue with the scale as it was before.

Happy rating!