Lidcombe Program Special Interest Group Meeting 17 October 2018

The next meeting for the Lidcombe Program SIG is next month, on Wednesday 17 October 4-6pm.

We meet about twice per year and update each other on current research, clinical issues and clinical sharing about trials and tribulations in our work with young children who stutter.

Recently we have been thrashing out issues around the best timing for early intervention. We have also looked at tele-practice, and we have had input via Skype from Dr Michelle Donaghy from the ACU and Dr Kate Bridgman from La Trobe University.

At our next meeting we will look at:
1. The Lidcombe Program Reflective Questions – these help with trouble shooting more effectively when progress is not ideal.
2. Use of video vs. live feedback for parent coaching.
3. Feedback from the recent SPAA event presented by Kate Bridgman.
4. Clinical sharing.

All LP enthusiasts are welcome!

Location:   Fiona Curtis Speech Pathology Services

53 Nola Avenue Scarborough WA 6019