Lidcombe Program Talking Practice Ideas – Barrier Games

It’s Therapy Thursday! Who Knew how useful Barrier Games can be… This is my first post about therapy ideas for use in Talking Practice Sessions (aka Structured Conversations) in the Lidcombe Program. Feel free to share your ideas here too.  These posts are pitched at Speech Pathologists.  If you are a parent of a child […]

Lidcombe Program Special Interest Group Meeting 17 October 2018

The next meeting for the Lidcombe Program SIG is next month, on Wednesday 17 October 4-6pm. We meet about twice per year and update each other on current research, clinical issues and clinical sharing about trials and tribulations in our work with young children who stutter. Recently we have been thrashing out issues around the […]

Speech Pathology Australia Professional Development Event: Paediatric Fluency: What to do when?

Last week, I was fortunate to attend a one day seminar presented by Dr Kate Bridgman from La Trobe University. Kate has researched and practiced in the field of stuttering for many years and has developed particular expertise in delivering evidenced based therapies via tele-practice. Kate provided a timely reminder about what our national professional […]

Scenari-Aid – an online tool for practising your fluency technique

As well as working with young children who stutter, I also work with adolescents and adults who stutter, using the Camperdown Program. Scenari-Aid in an Australian based site which has loads of simulated scenarios for practising speech and language goals. Its a great ‘bridge’ in therapy for helping clients to generalise their fluency technique into […]

Happy Speech Pathology Week!

Here’s a few more facts about early stuttering: Nearly 14% of all children start stuttering by 4 years of age. About 75% of children who stutter, recover spontaneously. Only 6.3% recover spontaneously in the first year after onset. Early intervention remains key in preventing lifelong stuttering. Children who are treated using the Lidcombe Program are […]

WA Lidcombe Link Day

Our first meeting took place here in Perth, WA, on 14 October.  It was a small and select group but there was plenty of passion and lots of sharing about using the Lidcombe Program with young children who stutter and ensuring evidence-based practice and great outcome for our clients. We were fortunate to have Dr […]